strategic alliances

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Decision models for airline passenger and cargo network alliances

Strategic alliances are extensively employed in the automotive, electronics, computer telecommunications, airlines and hi-technology network-oriented industries. The airline industry has become one of the most competitive industries lately. Considerable works have been dedicated to studying airline alliances. Having said that, existing studies only concentrate on the air passenger alliance and neglect the airline service network structure. This report develops, for the first time, a number of economic models to analyze the strategic alliance of both passenger and cargo services from ...

Project category: Operations Management
Knowledge Harvesting from International Joint Ventures

This dissertation explores and analyses factors which could facilitate Knowledge Harvesting, and also how important it is for the parent companies. Knowledge Harvesting is one of the knowledge processes within an international joint venture network that has not received much attention from the academic community.

Project category: Management Misc
Stimulating cooperation in Interorganisational Relationships

The purpose of this thesis is two-fold. First the researcher wants to investigate the gradation of information needs, in order to made a classification of important information and communication aspects of the focal organisation EnerSearch. Secondly, in order to state a classification of information, a vocabulary is developed that could help actors to understand the situation under investigation. Method:The methodology used is partly an action research methodology, where the researcher plays an active role in interpreting and understanding the situation together ...

Project category: Management Misc
Target Costing: In the light of an ideological comparison between Japan and Sweden

In the 1960’s, the Japanese car manufacturer Toyota developed target costing – a management accounting model that reduces the risk of releasing unprofitable products. The method eventually spread to Swedish firms. The study starts by summing recent previous research on target costing in Sweden. Looking at this research, it is noted that there is an inconsistency with regards to what principles of target costing are used, and which are not. It is also noted that some firms are claimed to ...

Project category: Finance
Strategic Alliances: Implications for Low Cost Airlines

The airline industry has previously been a heavy regulated industry with partially state-owned airlines and controlled competition across borders. This put the traditional airlines in a comfortable position in their domestic markets as new entrants were few due to regulations and other barriers. After the deregulation of the airline industry new actors entered the market and among them were the low-cost airlines. These actors are not involved in the same traditional airline alliance used by the traditional airlines to ...

Project category: Featured, Strategic Management

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