Supply chain

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Adapting manufacturing strategy to industrial after-sales service operations

This project began from a higher consciousness within industry of the usefulness of services in general and of after-sales services particularly. The scope of this study is to examine how certain attributes of after-sales services have an effect on a company’s manufacturing strategy, which ultimately should turn into an operations strategy not merely taking into consideration the manufacturing of goods. Thinking about the after-sales service as a product, composed of both good and service characteristics, the aim of this dissertation ...

Project category: Management Misc
Supply chain coordination with vendor-managed inventory (VMI) arrangements

This study primarily targets on forming a standard vendor-managed inventory (VMI) contract (a, h) inspired by the real case, and examining whether or not it is able to achieve channel coordination under stochastic demands. This type of proposed contract (a, h) is essentially unique from those existing supply contracts because the wholesale price w doesn't exist, both the supplier as well as the retailer are only able to profit from the realized sales. The supplier, as a Stackelberg leader, offers ...

Project category: Operations Management
How to face the future?: A model for scenario planning at VLC (Volvo Logistics Corporation)

In this project a model for logistics activities at Volvo Logistics Corporation, VLC, in the future has been built. The research is part of a project called Vision 2015 & Beyond, which began in the beginning of 2006, and concentrates on what changes in the business environment that VLC as a TPL provider faces in the future. Within the scope of this project threats in the business environment as well as internal issues which are regarded as concerns for the ...

Project category: Management Misc
A time-based order fill rate model for spare parts

The service central warehouse at Vanderlande holds a number of spare parts on stock to fill customer orders for spare parts. In this research the supply chain of spare parts at Vanderlande is analyzed and subsequently an inventory model for the service central warehouse is developed that optimizes the percentage of customer orders that is completely filled within a given timeframe

Internationalisation in a network based world

The organizational forms of companies have undergone a transformation from a hierarchical structure towards a network based form. The network form has proven to be the best structure for the current competitive environment. With technological advancements in almost every area it has become almost impossible to produce everything “in-house” and still stay competitive. This has caused an increase in the degree of outsourcing parts of the value chain to suppliers. Therefore, the competition has now moved from between companies to ...

Project category: International Business
Merge in Transit, a distribution method in the industrial environment

The rapid changes confronted by the world economy in the last years have had a notable impact on the procedures adopted for the commercial business on a global basis. The increased number of sales transactions arising from internationalisation and globalisation processes is requiring a greater attention to the logistics services procedures. Companies are searching efficient distribution methods that enable broad product assortment, lower level of inventories, shorter customer order fulfilment, lower transportation costs in order to achieve a more efficient ...

Project category: Operations Management
Strategic Partnership within Supply Chain

The purpose of this study is developing a model of supplier selection to support the contribution of suppliers in product development processes, and eventually, developing a strategically integrated supply base for Volvo Powertrain Corporation (VPT). Among the first part of this study, a model of supplier evaluation and selection has been developed, considering attributes and success factors for integration with suppliers, and also examined in VPT with the aims of achieving mutual success in both products and commerce for VPT, ...

Project category: Featured, Operations Management

Safety management in the supply chain is an interesting topic. The existence of unexpected supply chain events makes supply chain decision making difficult. To improve their response to unexpected events such as natural disasters or workplace accidents, managers are beginning to examine the link between information technology (IT) and safety in the supply chain. This dissertation examines the IT and safety link in three main ways. First, in the chapter entitled, "IT Investment and Safety: An Examination of The Impact ...

Project category: Operations Management
The Influence of National Culture on Buyer-Supplier trust and Commitment

Morgan and Hunt's (1994) Key Mediating Variable (KMV) Model has been demonstrated to be a useful means of exploring relationships between organizations. The model includes such key relational constructs as trust, commitment, cooperation, communication, shared values, and uncertainty, which have been studied extensively in the extant supply chain and marketing literatures. However, at present no comprehensive test of buyer-supplier relationships has used the KMV Model as the basis for analysis. In addition, no multi-industry study has applied the KMV Model ...

Project category: Operations Management
E-procurement in atuomotive supply chain of Iran

Being an important and money-spinning industry for many decades, automotive industry is now facing with several challenges supplemented by global fierce competition. In these circumstances, reducing cost and increasing production development and delivery speed have been identified as practical strategies for survival and growth. Whereas, e-business in general and e- procurement specifically has shown innovative methods and new horizons for implementing those strategies, some developing countries are less prepared for the adoption. Thanks to protectionism, Iranian automotive industry is still enjoying ...

Project category: Operations Management

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