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Junk to funk: DIY approach on sustainability

This paper aims to uncover how relevant personal and contextual factors may inhibit or facilitate sustainable DIY activities (DIY movement) in South Korea using a qualitative methodology. DIY in Korea is very active in recycling discarded material, and that was one of the success factors of those clubs. Linking sustainability with personality, DIY became a mean of social transformation... Contents 1. Introduction 1.1 Background 1.2 Purpose 1.3 Delimitation 1.4 Expected contributions 1.5 Problem areas 1.6 Disposition 2. Methodology 2. 1 Research design 2.1.1 Pre study 2.1.2 Survey design 2. 2 Data collection and ...

Project category: Marketing
A Strategic Approach for Sustainability and Resilience Planning within Municipalities

This research started by recognizing the role that local, municipal governments can play to reach the global goal of sustainability. In addition,a municipal community must be able to cope with change and disturbance in order to successfully achieve a sustainable future. This research investigates how improving municipal resilience can be a strategy to reach sustainability, and answers the primary research question “How can planning resilience help a municipal government lead a community towards sustainability?” Research was conducted through an inter-disciplinary ...

Project category: Miscellaneous
Transitioning towards sustainable management of building materials in China

The purpose of this research is to examine how The Natural Step Framework, combined with Life Cycle Assessment and Ecological Footprint could help to manage the sustainability challenges of construction materials in China and to consider how these tools and concepts might inform each other in combination. Based on a literature review regarding the current reality of building materials in China and industry experience with use of existing sustainability concepts and tools, we build a conceptual model to integrate the ...

Project category: Civil & Environmental
Engaging Individuals to act Strategically Towards Sustainability

In order to reach sustainability, all parts of the system “individuals within organisations within society within the biosphere” must change. Individuals are major leverage points, and being more efficient in engaging them to act strategically towards sustainability is and will be of critical importance. To explore how to help the engager improve this engagement process, the authors did a broad transdisciplinary literature review; structured their information in a “Five Elements Guide – Structured information to help engage individuals to act ...

Project category: Miscellaneous
Social Sustainability in Africa: The case of Cameroon

The aim of this research is to examine how Africa can become a socially sustainable society by the year 2030 using a strategic leadership approach with Cameroon as a case study. Using a generic and whole systems view, the study would examine the possibility of a transition from a socially un-sustainable society to sustainable society. The study analyses the current political, economic, social and environmental operations that undermines people’s ability to meet their basic needs. It also highlights some of ...

Project category: Miscellaneous
Strategic Sustainable Development and Knowledge Management

The purpose of this study was to explore how organizations can apply the Strategic Sustainable Development (SSD) Framework (Robèrt et al. 2006) as a lens and filter to a Knowledge Management Framework to move an organization towards sustainability. A conceptual framework of Knowledge Management (KM) was developed and then utilized to conduct a sustainability assessment on The Natural Step (TNS) organization as a case study. The researchers explored how an understanding of KM can support SSD and aid an organization ...

Project category: Management Misc

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