sustainable development

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Car Mobility: Positive and Negative Effects

Mobility is a very important function in a society . In this project we have discussed about car mobility, its positive and negative effects, sustainable mobility and transport, five pillars for sustainable mobility, exploiting conventional technologies, traffic safety, sustainable development for mobility, etc.

Project category: Civil & Environmental
Clean development Mechanism (CDM) Policy and Implementation in China

China may be the 2nd largest emitter of greenhouse gases (GHG) on the planet. Since 68% of its primary energy is from coal, China’s average energy intensity is 7. 5 times greater than the EU and 4. 3 times greater than the united states (EU, 2003). As a result, producing high level clean technologies and management to China represents opportunities for Annex I nations to acquire low-cost CERs through Clean development Mechanism CDM projects, and use of among the largest energy ...

Project category: Miscellaneous
Strategic Community Economic Development and Small Business: Cooperation for Sustainability

This thesis aims to increase the knowledge and capacity of Canadian communities and their small businesses in order to enable their transition towards sustainability. This was accomplished through interviews with Canadian Community Economic Development (CED) experts, and surveys from Small Business (SB) operators in Canmore, Alberta, Canada. We suggest the potential roles for CED proponents and SB operators include: (1) Shared development of community vision; (2) Local business networks for sustainability; (3) Community capacity building through dialogue. Contents 1 Introduction 1.1 ...

Project category: Management Misc
Strategic partnerships for transformational change towards a sustainable society

Today, global socio-ecological problems are too complex and urgent for isolated actions, and cross-sector collaboration is increasingly required to generate transformational change towards a sustainable future. Partnerships between businesses and civil society organisations (CSOs) in particular have the potential to achieve the required change for sustainability. However, the ‘backcasting’ approach used in this study highlights a gap between current approaches and what partnerships might look like in a sustainable future. Research draws on literature, eighteen interviews and an action research ...

Project category: Management Misc

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