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Knowledge Transfer Approach a project report

This is a project titled "Unpacking stickness : from the perspective of knowledge transfer approach". Knowledge transfer is crucial to businesses in today’s knowledge-based economy. Nevertheless, there exists a gap in the books in understanding knowledge transfer. This gap depends on an abandoned topic of knowledge transfer technique. This report tries to play a role in the literature by explicitly suggesting 4 knowledge transfer approaches (constituted of 2 dimensions of transfer strategy and transfer mechanism) accessible to transfer knowledge. We ...

Project category: Management Misc
The Association of Student Questioning with Reading Comprehension

In the field of reading comprehension, student-generated questions have been investigated within instructional contexts for elementary, middle school, high school, and college students. Although findings from instructional studies reveal that student-generated questions have an impact on reading comprehension... Contents Chapter I: Introduction Theoretical Background Rationale for this Study Measuring Questioning Levels Pilot Investigation Dissertation Investigation: Research Questions Chapter II: Literature Review Purpose of the Literature Review Questioning in Text Comprehension Questioning as an Area of Inquiry Students’ Oral Questions Students’ Versus ...

Project category: Education
Knowledge Management : A Case Study of KM activities at Indian School of Business

It seems that the term, which is nowadays in most use, in the literary world, is Knowledge Management. No domain has remained untouched by this new revolution. All business firms, companies, non-profit organizations, profit-making organizations, governmental institutions, academic organizations, research institutes, corporate, etc. want to manage their organizational knowledge to survive in today's market. Organizational knowledge not only includes the information and knowledge generated in the mean time by the organization, but also the human resource, which has generated this ...

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