Tether tracking and control of ROSA robotic rover

Mars is currently centre of interest for space exploration. Tremendous efforts are still in progress to find clues of existence of life on Mars. Rovers are major sources of information of Mars. This thesis focuses on a robotic roving vehicle ROSA having its initiative of ESA. The 1st part of thesis aims to test mobility system and to develop tether motors control strategy of ROSA. The rover should be capable of executing motion commands communicated from ground station. ROSA being a tethered rover provides additional advantages. Power is delivered to the rover through the tether. This gives possibility to reduce the weight/size of rover. The tether also provides communication lines between lander and rover. A tethered robot requires a complex control system. The 2nd part of the thesis consists of developing a specialized tracking system for rover’s 40 m tether. The developed system is capable of tracking within resolution of ±6 cm and can also be used in other tethered robots for rescue, security, underwater, autonomous vehicles, mines hunting and cleaning petroleum tanks.

Author: Iqbal, Jamshed

Source: Luleå University of Technology

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