Therapist work with client strengths

Title: Therapist work with client strengths: Development and validation of a measure

Drawing from the positive psychology literature, the Inventory of Therapist Work with Strengths and Assets (IT-WAS) was constructed to measure the degree to which clinicians incorporate strength-based approaches in their therapy work. Two different samples were gathered in the current study; a professional sample (n = 128) and a university sample (n = 97). The professional sample was randomly…


Chapter 1: Introduction and Literature Review
The Philosophy of Positive Psychology within Psychotherapy
The History of the Positive Psychology Movement: Background and Context
The Genesis of a Renaissance within the Positive Psychology Movement
Theoretical and Empirical Examinations of Client Strengths in Therapy
Chapter 2: Statement of the Problem
Chapter 3: Methods
Development of the Inventory of Therapist Work with Client Strengths and Assets
Initial Content Validity of the Inventory of Therapist Work with Client Strengths
and Assets
Test-Retest Reliability
Chapter 4: Results
Exploratory Factor Analysis
Reliability Estimates, Scale Intercorrelations, and Construct Validity Estimates
IT-WAS Scores and Demographic Variables
Chapter 5: Discussion
Factor Structure
Reliability and Validity Estimates
The Relationship between Theoretical Orientation and Work with Client Strengths
Implications for Clinical Practice and Training
Future Research

Author: Harbin, James

Source: University of Maryland

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