Thermoreversible Transitions Between Self-Assembled Nanostructures in Aqueous Solution

We study an unusual transition between two different types of self-assembled structures in aqueous solutions. Mixtures of a cationic surfactant, CTAB and the organic compound, 5-methyl salicylic acid (5mS) spontaneously self-assemble into unilamellar vesicles at room temperature…


Chapter 1. Introduction and Overview
1.1. Problem Statement and Proposed Approach
1.2. Significance of this Work
1.3. Scientific Objectives
Chapter 2. Background
2.1. Micelles
2.2. Wormlike Micelles
2.2.1 Effect of Aromatic Salts and Acids on Micellar Growth
2.3. Vesicles
2.4. Characterization Technique – I. Rheology
2.5. Characterization Technique – II. SANS
2.5.1 IFT Modeling of SANS Data
Chapter 3. Vesicle-Micelle Transitions in the CTAB/5mS System
3.1. Introduction and Previous Work
3.2. Materials and Methods
3.3. Results
3.3.1 Studies at Room Temperature
3.3.2 Studies as a Function of Temperature
3.4. Discussion
3.4.1 SANS Modeling
3.4.2 Implications for the Nature of the Phase Transition
3.4.3 Mechanism for the Vesicle-to-Micelle Transition
3.5. Conclusions
Chapter 4. Conclusions and Future Directions
4.1. Conclusions
4.2. Future Directions

Author: Davies, Tanner

Source: University of Maryland

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