Study of a Torque Limiter

This project on Torque Limiter is completed on request from Saab Avitronics. Saab Avitronics develops and creates electric actuators which are utilized to manage the wing flaps on flying vessels, both for the civil- and military market. This particular project (Study of a Torque Limiter) aspires to examine a brand new kind of torque limiter which will be part of an actuator. The primary job of the torque limiter is to detach the driving torque if the system goes to an unhealthy stop and thus safeguard sensitive machine elements from being overloaded.The target of this thesis was to look into the variables that affect on the features of the product theoretically and confirm these studies with the results from practical tests. The arrangement of the practical tests had been picked in a manner that allowed an evaluation with the theoretical evaluation.The effort has led to an excellent understanding of how the various parameters impact the torque limiter and to what extent these impact the final function. A theoretical connection which details the need for diverse variables was created and compared to the final results from the practical testing. The theoretical equation was discovered to be in accordance with the results from the practical tests. Positive changes resulting in a far more advantageous advancement of the product have been made depending on the information acquired from this research.

Source: Jönköping University

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