Transmission Electron Microscopy Studies of FeGa Alloys

This report is on FeGa Alloys.¬†Microstructural analysis of rapid-solidified (melt-spun) FeGa alloys with 17.3at.%Ga and bulk alloys with 12-20at.%Ga making use of transmission electron microscope had been performed. Dark field and high resolution image analysis indicate all the trials are inhomogeneous with fine texture of 5-10nm. Even though predicted crystal structure is bcc for all the samples, bulk samples with 12-20at.%-Ga consist of more stages in addition to bcc phase. Tetragonal modulation of DO3 and superlattice with diagonal arrangement of two B2(CsCl-type) cells in bcc gave the ideal identification for observed diffraction patterns. Tetragonality calculated from mismatch between observed diffraction spots as well as the computation for the presumed tetragonal structure was roughly…

Contents: Transmission Electron Microscopy Studies of FeGa Alloys

1. Introduction
1.1. FeGa Alloys
1.2. Microstructures
1.3. Purpose of the work
2. Samples
2.1. Rapid-Solidified FeGa Alloys
2.2. Bulk FeGa Alloys
3. Experimental Method
3.1. Sample Preparation for TEM
3.2. TEM Observation
4. Results
4.1. Melt-spun Samples, Fe-Ga17.3at.%
4.2. Bulk Samples, Fe-Ga12-20at.%
5. Discussion
5.1. Microstructures and Phases
5.1.1. Melt-spun Samples
5.1.2. High Resolution Images
5.1.3. Bulk Samples
5.2. Tetragonal Structure
5.3. Bcc-superlattice Structures
6. Conclusion
7. Future Work
8. Appendix…

Source: University of Maryland

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