A study of the transport conditions for selected solar energetic electron events

The release of energetic particles by solar flares offers the possibility to study the interaction of charged particles with fluctuations in magnetised plasmas and to obtain information about the particle transport in astrophysical objects. Within this work the received data set of observations from the WIND 3D plasma experiment was carefully processed and analysed for four selected solar particle events. In the four cases the raw data were corrected for influences caused by the Sun before the resulting pitch angle distributions were computed using the magnetic field information also measured by the WIND spacecraft.

Further a calculation of the experimental intensity and anisotropy profiles of the particles during the four different events was performed. The calculated high resolution pitch angle distribution and anisotropy curves were compared for different energies as well as for the four selected events. Afterwards the transport parameters for the selected events – e.g. the parallel mean free path – were received by a modelling of the theoretical curves, given by the solution of the equation of focussed transport, to the experimental curves in intensity and anisotropy by the same time.

Author: Bamberger, Ines

Source: LuleƄ University of Technology

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