Correlation of a FE-model of a truck heat exchanger with EMA

A simplified FE-model of the subcomponent of the Charge air cooler – core is modelled using homogenisation technique. Modal testing was performed on the physical model of the same. On comparing the resonance frequencies of the test data (reference result) with FE-model data, the FE-model is reconciled and correlated.


1 Notation
2 Introduction
2.1 Background
2.2 Purpose and limitations
2.3 Methodology
2.4 Thesis contribution
3 FE-model optimisation using homogenisation technique
3.1 Methodology
3.2 Extraction of orthotropic material properties
3.2.1 Stress-strain relation
3.2.2 Implementation of boundary conditions
3.3 Verification of extracted result
4 Model in ANSYS
4.1 Creating parametric model
4.2 Physical model of core
4.3 Modelling of core
5 Modal analysis theory
5.1 Solution for undamped unforced system
5.2 FRF in relation to modal vectors
6 Modal Testing
6.1 Test planning and preparations
6.1.1 Support of the test structure
6.1.2 Selection of reference point
6.1.3 Selection of response point
6.1.4 Mounting of accelerometer
6.1.5 Accelerometer calibration
6.1.6 Force Transducer calibration
6.2 Mobility Measurement
6.2.1 Model preparation
6.2.2 Signal processing
6.3 Preliminary survey
6.3.1 Single-Input Multi Output Testing (SIMO)
6.3.2 Quality check
6.3.3 Inference on preliminary survey
6.4 Multi Input Multi Output Testing (MIMO)
7 Modal parameter extraction
7.1 Generating MIF
7.2 Generating stability diagram
7.3 Generating residues
7.4 Generating mode shapes
7.5 Building MAC matrix
8 Model Validation
8.1 Model verification
8.2 Model updating
9 Conclusion and discussions
10 References
A. Verification of extracted orthotropic material properties
B. CD – Attachments

Author: Varadarajan Sureshram

Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology

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