UAV stabilized platform

This work develops a performance analysis for a particular distribution of inertial sensors as they are assumed to be implemented on a prototype stabilized platform for a new UAV aircraft (under development at VTUL PVO and AVEKO now). The device to be stabilized is a 2-axis gimbal – inner and outer gimbal axis – that will have an attached array of optical and electric sensors at one of its axis. Gyroscopes are planned to be used to sense the angular rates of this highly non-linear and coupled system. The whole set of equations for the complete system is introduced with a specific focus on the inner gimbal dynamics. The use of different observers to filter the data obtained by the sensors is analyzed along with the effectiveness of various types of controllers. The inner gimbal system is modeled and several simulations are performed to study the effect of different practical contraints -actuator saturation, sensor bandwidth, sampling frequency, etc., in addition to the performance for different disturbance frequencies and controller parameters.

Author: Orejas, Martin Ernesto

Source: Luleå University of Technology

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