Effects of fibre bundle size and stitch pattern on the static properties of unidirectional carbon-fibre non-crimp fabric composites

The use of Non-Crimp Fabrics (NCFs) as reinforcement in composites is relatively new, but the use of this type of materials is expected to increase a lot in the coming years. NCF-based composites can for example replace the very costly use of prepreg tapes, but before this will occur, the effect of stitching parameters, etc., on the performance of NCF-based composites must be fully understood.

In the present report, the variation in static (tension and compression) properties of unidirectional carbon-fibre NCF composites was studied as a function of stitch pattern and fibre bundle size. By studying the effects of stitch pattern and bundle size on the static properties, the aim was to be able to determine the most important stitch parameters to obtain good mechanical properties.

The results from the tests carried out show no big difference in properties between the NCF-based composites examined. Further investigations are therefore needed, with other types of fabrics (particularly different bundle size), before any real conclusions can be made regarding the effect of stitch pattern and bundle size on the mechanical properties of NCF-based composites.

Author: Wouters, Marc

Source: LuleƄ University of Technology

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