The use of print ads for an international brand

Print advertising is still frequently used as a promotional tool by companies today. The aim of a print ad campaign is to stand out among other print ads as well as having a simple concept that can easily be remembered and distributed with word of mouth. The focus is on the simplicity in the ads and how different elements complement each other as to attract attention. The purpose with the study is to provide a better understanding of the use of print ads developed for an international brand. In order to reach this purpose, two research questions were stated, the first one on how print ads are used to gain attention; the second on the elements used in such print ads. A qualitative, case study methodology was used to observe ten ads created by Absolut Vodka in the years of 2001 & 2006. Our findings show that various elements attract attention differently and that the elements can easily take away attention from another one. We found that some elements are more important than others, but the most revealing finding is that print ads should remain simple.

Author: Edlund, Malin; Nilsson, Hanna

Source: LuleƄ University of Technology

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