VB-400 calculation and development project

The purpose with this thesis has been to develop a new platform and to make calculations of the lifting device to wheelchair lift VB-400. The project has been performed in association with U-LIFT AB in Backaryd.
The task formulation were:
1. Develop a suggestion to construction of a new platform made in aluminium for the wheelchair lift VB-400. The platform should be able to be used on the existing lifting-device.
2. Make stress calculations of the lifting device for the wheelchair lift VB-400.
The project with developing the new platform in aluminium has been performed in alignment with Fredy Olsson?s method for integrated product development. The parts of the method that been used are principal-construction and primary-construction.The new platform turned out to have a weight loss of about 30% even though it has a much bigger area compared to the old platform. The aluminium-section which been used to build the floor gave the platform a new and innovative design. Despite the big reduction of weight the new platform can stand for at least the same amount of stress and torsion that the old one did. It also fulfils the norms of the factor of safety.

Author: Oskar Bengtsson, Bartosz Bien, Carlos Cortes Gonzalez, Marcus Hansson, David Ringström, Victor Simonson

Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology

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