Studies on the venture capital process

The new century has provoked the liberalization of the world economy and market globalization. International marketing has opened the borders for all countries, which can compete with the same competitive tools, increasing the rivalry among them. This thesis deals with the wine sector and the changes that this sector has suffered in previous years, due to the entrance of new producer countries and the recession that has been produced by European wines, called “Old World” producers…


1. Introduction
1.1 Purpose of the thesis
1.2 Outline of the thesis
2. Defining venture capital
2.1 Venture capital and private equity
2.2 Venture capital in the financial landscape for firm formation and growth
2.3 The structure of venture capital organizations
3. A history of the Swedish venture capital market
3.1 The first cycle
3.2 The second cycle
3.3 After the crash – the third wave?
3.4 A concluding note of measuring venture capital markets
3.5 The role of the Swedish Government
4 The venture capital process
4.1 Outlining the process
4.2 Establish a fund
4.3 Deal flow
4.4 Investment decision
4.5 Value adding
4.6 Exit
5. Summary of the papers and contributions
Paper 1: Institutional Theory and contracting in venture capital: the Swedish experience
Paper 2: How do venture capital firms value entrepreneurial ventures?
Paper 3: The effects of governance and trust on performance in a venture capital relationship
Paper 4: Exit strategy and the intensity of exit-directed activities among venture capital-backed entrepreneurs in Sweden
5.5 Contributions

Author: Isaksson, Anders

Source: Umea University

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