Vibration Based Techniques for Young’s Modulus Determination and Permenant Deformation Assesment

This thesis work is devoted to low frequency vibration based method, with remote excitation and laser detection for nondestructive testing and characterization of sheet materials. By this method dynamic properties of different materials can be estimated from the measurement of the resonance frequency in flexural mode. Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE), Ethyl Acid Acrylic (EAA), Aluminium foil (Al) and Paperboard (PPR) are investigated in this work. It is observed that the method allows detection of permanent deformation in sheet materials loaded in tension, as well as determination of Young’s modulus with some exceptions. This study also confirms the use of the presented method for health monitoring of materials having no bending stiffness, developed in a previous work.


1. Notations
2. Introduction
3 Previous work
3.1. Determination of Young’s Modulus from Static Deflection Data
3.2. Impulse Excitation of Vibration
3.3. Bulge Test
3.5. TA-ESPI Test
4. Theoretical Analysis
4.1. Geometrical configurations and assumptions
4.2. Governing Equations
5. Experiment
5.1. Preparing the sample for Test
5.2. Experimental setup
5.3. Experimental Procedure
6. Simulation
6.1.1. Elements
6.1.2. Boundary Conditions and mesh
6.1.3. Modeling and Post-Processing
6.1.4. Assumptions
7. Results and Interpretation
7.1. Experimental Results Obtained for EAA
7.2. Experimental Results Obtained for PPR
7.3. Experimental Results Obtained For Al
7.4. Comparison of Simulation and Experiment
8. Conclusion and Further Work
Appendix A
A.1.1. Permanent deformation assessment
A.1.2. Experimental work
A.2. Matlab Scripts

Author: Viswanath Ramireddy, Mukarram Hussain

Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology

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