Vision Enhancement Systems: The Importance of Field of View

Driving a car involves a variety of perceptual, cognitive and motor tasks. It is an activity that is becoming increasingly more complex due to growing traffic as well as modern technology. To describe the cognitive processes involved in driving a car, an important tool is modeling.

The purpose of the project, which led to this thesis, was to investigate the possible effects different horizontal Fields of View (FoV) have on driving performance when driving at night with a Vision Enhancement System (VES). The FoV chosen to be examined were 12 degree and 24 degree FoV, both displayed on a screen with the horizontal size of 12 degree FoV…


1. Introduction
1.1 Background
1.2 Commissioner of the Study ñ Autoliv Research
1.3 Purpose
1.4 Overview
2. Driving as a Joint Cognitive System
2.1 Basic Cyclical Model of Control
2.2 The Extended Control Model
2.2.1 The Multi-level Activity of Driving
2.2.2 Interaction Between the Levels
2.2.3 Compensatory and Anticipatory Control
2.3 Modeling Time
3. Driving at Night
3.1 Vision Enhancement System
3.1.1 Technical Background
3.1.2 Possible Benefits and Hazards of VES
4. Problem Definition
4.1 Field of View
4.1.1 Straight Road Driving
4.1.2 VES in Curves
4.2 Hypotheses
4.3 Limitations
5. Method
5.1 Chosen Methods
5.1.1 Independent and Dependent Variables
5.1.2 Participants
5.1.3 Events
5.1.4 Questionnaire
5.2 Apparatus
5.2.1 The Road Section
5.3 Procedure
5.4 The Pilot Study
6. Results
6.1 Data Selection
6.2 Average Speed
6.3 Event Analysis
6.3.1 Speed
6.3.2 Lateral Position
6.4 Qualitative Data
6.4.1 Grading of the Questionnaire
6.4.2 Comments in the Questionnaire
7. Discussion
7.1 Result Interpretation
7.1.1 Speed
7.1.2 Lateral Position
7.1.3 Questionnaire
7.2 Result Discussion
7.2.1 Braking
7.2.2 Disappearing Objects
7.3 Method Discussion
7.3.1 Simulator Study
7.3.2 Preparations
7.4 Conclusions
Hypothesis 1:
Hypothesis 2:
7.5 Further Research
8. References

Author: Grönqvist, Helena

Source: Linköping University

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