A visual query language served by a multi-sensor environment

A problem in modern command and control situations is that much data is available from different sensors. Several sensor data sources also require that the user has knowledge about the specific sensor types to be able to interpret the data.To alleviate the working situation for a commander, we have designed and constructed a system that will take input from several different sensors and subsequently present the relevant combined information to the user. The users specify what kind of information is of interest at the moment by means of a query language. The main issues when designing this query language have been that (a) the users should not have to have any knowledge about sensors or sensor data analysis, and (b) that the query language should be powerful and flexible, yet easy to use. The solution has been to (a) use sensor data independence and (b) have a visual query language. A visual query language was developed with a two-step interface…


1 Introduction
1.1 Issues and contributions
1.2 The original SQL
1.3 Outline
2 User related aspects
2.1 User domain
2.2 Sensor data independence
2.3 User interaction
3 Technical aspects
3.1 Sensors
3.2 Uncertainty
3.3 Data fusion
3.4 GIS data
4 The query system
4.1 Sensors and algorithms
4.2 Target models
4.3 Meta-database
4.4 Ontology
4.5 Data fusion
4.6 Knowledge system
4.7 Query interpreter
5 The query language
5.1 Overview
5.2 Relations
5.3 Uncertain topological relations
5.4 Evaluation of queries
6 Using the query language in a scenario
6.1 Scenario description
6.2 Course of events
6.3 Lessons learned
7 Conclusions
7.1 Future work

Author: Camara (Silvervarg), Karin

Source: Linköping University

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