Design of wideband and compact patch antennas

This thesis presents the design and development of several novel small and wideband patch antennas. Microstrip antennas have the attractive features of low profile and light weight. However the antennas may be too large for practical applications at the lower microwave frequency range and may offer only a few percent of bandwidth. Several techniques have been proposed to reduce the size of the conventional half-wave patch, such as using high dielectric constant materials, using a shorting wall or shorting pin. Based on these techniques, several novel designs are presented here…


Chapter 1 Introduction
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Brief History Review on Microstrip Antenna
1.2.1 History of Microstrip Antenna
1.2.2 Bandwidth Enhancement Techniques Matching Network Multiple Resonances Modified Probe Feed Slotted Patches
1.2.3 Size Reduction Techniques Shorting Wall Shorting Pin High Dielectric Substrate Corrugated Patch
1.3 Objectives of the Study
1.4 Structure of the Thesis
Chapter 2 Design of Wideband Patch Antennas with Different Shorting Methods
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Review Study on the Quarter-Wave Patch Antennas with Traditional Shorting Wall
2.2.1 Antenna Structure
2.2.2 Simulated Results of the Proposed Antenna
2.2.3 Measured Results of the Proposed Antenna
2.3 Quarter-Wave Patch Antenna with A Lean Shorting Wall
2.3.1 Antenna Structure
2.3.2 Measured and Simulated Results
2.3.3 Parameter Study
2.4 Design of A Wideband Patch Antenna with A Folded Shorting Wall
2.4.1 Antenna Structure
2.4.2 Measured and Simulated Results
2.4.3 Parameter Study
2.5 Summary
Chapter 3 Design of Dual-Feed Wideband Patch Antennas with Shorting Pins
3.1 Introduction
3.2 A Shorted Wideband Low-Profile Patch Antenna with Two Shorting Pins
3.2.1 Antenna Structure
3.2.2 Measured and Simulated Results
3.3 Wideband Race-Track Shaped Patch Antenna with 5 Shorting Pins
3.3.1 Antenna Structure
3.3.2 Measured and Simulated Results
3.3.3 Parameter Study
3.5 Summary
Chapter 4 Bandwidth Optimizations of Microstrip Antennas with Shorting Pins
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Case 1
4.3 Case 2
4.4 Case 3
4.5 Discussion
4.6 Summary
Chapter 5 Miniature Wideband Patch Antenna with Conical Radiation Patterns
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Antenna [5A]
5.2.1 Antenna Structure
5.2.2 Simulated Results
5.3 Antenna [5B]
5.3.1 Antenna Structure
5.3.2 Measured Results
5.4 Summary
Chapter 6 Conclusion
Appendix Current Distribution

Author: Li, Yuan

Source: City University of Hong Kong

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