Work Environment Stressors – The link between employees’ well-being and job performance?

Employees are the human capital which contributes to the success and development of a company to a great extent. Thus, these days, companies do not see them only as factors of production from the classical perspective, but have started to value them as stakeholders and partners with whom long-term goals are achieved together.

Problem Discussion & Purpose: Researchers realized the need of companies to deal with employees, and for that reason, there has been great time and effort spent on studies concerning the relation between job satisfaction and job performance. However, the authors of the thesis came to conclusion that the link between job satisfaction and job performance was still a vague one. Therefore, the thesis is focused on the concept of well-being. The study concentrates on blue-collar workers, and the purpose is to explore and understand the relation between job-related well-being and employees’ job performance in the context of stress caused by following environmental factors: working tools, workload, heat, noise, and safety…


1 Introduction
1.1 Background
1.2 Problem
1.3 Purpose
1.4 Delimitation
2 Theoretical Framework
2.1 Job Performance
2.2 Well-being
2.3 Stress
2.3.1 Work environment and working tools
3 Method
3.1 Research approach
3.2 Qualitative versus Quantitative Research
3.3 Research strategy
3.4 Data collection
3.4.1 Method of data collection
3.4.2 Type of interviews
3.4.3 Time horizons
3.4.4 Target population
3.4.5 Sample selection
3.4.6 Interviewing procedure
3.5 Data Processing and analysis
3.6 Discussion of Trustworthiness
4 Empirical Findings
4.1 Information about Company X
4.2 Well-being and work stressors
4.3 Performance and work stressors
4.4 Additional information from interviews
5 Analysis
5.1 The degree of influence of each stressor on performance and well-being
5.2 How work environment stressors affect performance
5.2.1 Working tools
5.2.2 Workload
5.2.3 Heat
5.2.4 Safety
5.2.5 Noise
5.3 How work environment stressors affect well-being
5.3.1 Work tools
5.3.2 Workload
5.3.3 Safety
5.3.4 Heat
5.3.5 Noise
5.4 The suggested link between well-being and performance
5.4.1 How Well-Being could affect Performance
5.4.2 How Performance could affect Well-being
5.4.3 Well-being and Performance Link
6 Conclusion
7 Discussion
7.1 Contribution
7.2 Research Limitations and Further Research Suggestions

Source: Jönköping University

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