XMLNuke, Content Management System, Development Framework

XMLNuke is a Content Management System designed for Internet web sites. It manages all web site information through the use of XML documents. These documents, stored in its native text format, are then changed by XSL instructions and presented to the user who will be able to view the information in any web browser. A single XML document can assume any presentation or design defined by a XSL document.

XMLNuke does not require the installation of a database application to work correctly. You only need the XMLNuke main engine and a HTTP service installed in order to run a fully functional service. This feature drastically reduces the resources necessary to install and setup your web server. XMLNuke also implements further functionality such as two cache levels that improve performance in document processing.

XMLNuke produces and use XML documents. A XML document is totally independent of technology or platform and design presentation.

XMLNuke is a Development Framework for developing WEB applications.

Besides the storing, processing and presentation of content for web sites, XMLNuke offers strong development support that process and generate XML documents, documents ready to use by the XMLNuke engine. Application developers basically process the information and return only XML documents. These documents are free of design constraints and can then be transformed by any XSL document defined in XMLNuke engine. Web site administrators are therefore free to change the web design without having to change one single line of code in the application developed by using the XMLNuke framework.

Developers do not formally create a XML document. They only need to use the set of XML abstraction classes buit into the XMLNuke framework. XMLNuke also implements a set of additional classes available for developers to use, over and above the functionality created for the main engine.

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