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Factors that affect IT-based knowledge sharing

Knowledge has been acknowledged as an essential asset for organizations to gain competitive advantage. Progressively capable Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Information Systems (IS) are already designed and employed by organizations to facilitate Knowledge Management (KM). Beside strategic advantages and financial

Implementation of Health Information Systems

Healthcare organizations now consider increased efficiency, reduced costs, improved patient care and quality of services, and safety when they are planning to implement new information and communication technology (ICT) based applications. However, in spite of enormous investment in health information systems (HIS), no convincing evidence of the overall benefits of HISs yet exists.

Defining Information Security As a Policy

The report deals with the problem of security issues in organizations with wast amounts of data. The question at issue asked what could be done to increase information security for the Technology Center at the IT University of Göteborg. While solving the problem the report presents the Technology Center and what their ITresources is and why they should be secured.

Practical Dynamic Software Updating

This dissertation makes the case that programs can be updated while they run, with modest programmer effort, while providing certain update safety guarantees, and without imposing a significant performance overhead. Few systems are designed with on-the-fly updating in mind.

Customer Relationship Management in 3G Telecom – The Customised Point of Contact

We’ve analyzed CRM Customer relationship management in a service provider’s mindset on behalf of Ericsson Microwave Systems AB. The question at issue we chose to explore is ‘How should a service firm build a point of contact so as to handle client relations in the 3rd generation mobile Internet?’ To reach a conclusion we’ve completed a qualitative study including literature survey and 3 interviews.