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Design and Implementation of a General Molecular Dynamics Package

There are many different codes available for making molecular dynamic simulation. Most of these are focused on high performance mainly. We have moved that focus towards modularity, flexibility and user friendliness. Our goal has been to design a software that is easy to use, can handle many different kind of simulations and is easily extendable to meet new requirements.

Feature Modeling For Adaptive Computing

This report presents the results of a thesis project that surveys and designs about the issue “Feature Model for Adaptive Computing”. In this project, there are two main issues, first one is about the Feature Modeling, and the second is how to use this Feature Modeling for adaptive computing.

Monitoring data exchanges between information systems

Information systems are more and more connected to each other and exchange more and more data with each other. As the number of data exchanges increases, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain an overview of how these data exchanges are performing. This is especially a problem for application service providers which host systems for customers because they host multiple systems and each system can have multiple data exchanges.

Data location compliance in cloud computing

Presently, Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) don’t always provide services which conform to this data location legislation, or in case they do, they don’t always show compliance to their customers. This study is about how CSPs can show conformity to customer demands regarding