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Small Wideband Microstrip Patch Antennas

Our main objective in this project was to offer the design of 3 wideband microstrip patch antennas. In fact, Microstrip antennas have the exciting qualities of low profile, light in weight and simple structure. Having said that, its bandwidth is constrained to a few % which isn’t really enough for the majority of wireless communication systems at present. A couple of bandwidth enhancement methods are actually advised like making use of thick foam substrate, cutting 1 or 2 U-slots on the patch, stacking one more patch over the original one and making use of shorting pins.

GSM Security

The Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) is among the most widely used cellular technology throughout the world. GSM is utilized for a number of uses, but mainly for voice communication and SMS. Security is essential for Global System for Mobile Communications GSM. The security consists of elements utilized to shield the numerous stakeholders, for example service providers & subscribers. In this project, we will discuss: Security Attacks, Cryptographic Protection Methods, Mobile Station (MS), Cryptanalytical Attacks against GS, etc.

Next Generation Networks services: IP Routing

In this project report we are going to discuss next generation networks services based on IP Routing. Next Generation Networks services form the beginning of a whole new age of innovative and cost-effective services where clients will experience significant new service offerings in addition to cost savings in their usage bills for these kinds of services. Some topics discussed in this report are: Next Generation Networks Architecture, Next Generation Network Switches, Multi-Protocol Label Switching, Virtual Private Networks, Wireless Application Protocol, etc.

Pattern Recognition System: Design Proposal

Pattern recognition is interested in the description and classification (recognition) of patterns (objects). Pattern recognition is an essential part of intelligent systems and therefore are useful for many applications domains like decision making. Pattern recognition is studied in a number of domains, like psychology, cognitive science, psychiatry, ethology, traffic flow and information technology.

Quick Time Dependent Quickest Flow Problem

This project is about quickest flow problem, Quick-TDQFP heuristic, Path-Finding Algorithms, Zero-Sum Cycles, etc. We are going to present a quick solution technique for the integral time-dependent quickest flow problem with no waiting. The presented approach is in accordance with the successive shortest path technique and changes a present algorithm to increase its average performance.

Flexible Wireless Receivers: On-Chip Testing Techniques and Design for Testability

This project is about flexible wireless receivers an its on-chip testing techniques. The increasing wireless applications motivate the invention of new wireless standards. The user wants to access voice, data, and streaming media by using a single wireless terminal. In RF perspective, the majority of standards differ in frequency band, sensitivity, data rate, bandwidth, and modulation type.

Modelling of failure models

This document is a report on various failure models today useful for identifying failure in thin sheets of high strength steels. Emphasis has been given on phenomenlogical models and only some easy simulations have been performed. The phenomenlogical models which are described listed here are of 4 diverse types, specifically stress based, strain based, combined stress and strain based and damaged models.