3G mobile communication services perspective

The transition from the 2nd Generation (2G) of mobile cellular networks to the 3rd Generation (3G) was motivated by the introduction of multimedia services. More specifically, the convergence of mobile technologies and Internet allows compelling possibilities for future applications due to the new advancement, constantly growing and personalized services in the mobile communication. There are a lot of standards supporting the 3G services and these services make the people’s life convenient.

Our research objective is to compare the 3G services against 3G standards which we focus on the two most popular standards i.e. WCDMA & CDMA2000. The implementation discussion of one of 3G services which we choose Location Based Services is also our research objective.

In order to fulfil the research objective, we firstly choose Mobility category among the 3G services, i.e. Rich Voice, Content Connectivity and Mobility. We believe that Mobility will be the most significant services because of it’s personalize nature, e.g. Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS), Customised Infotainment and Location Based Services (LBS). We then compare and analyze Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS), Customised Infotainment and Location Based Services (LBS) against the two 3G standards, i.e.WCDMA & CDMA2000 to show that these two standards are serving these three services. The implementation of Location Based Services is discussed based on the four methods Cell-ID, Observed Timer Difference of Arrival, Wireless Assisted-GPS and Hybrid Technology.

Latest and advanced services are only deployed through 3G mobile communication. This study is an effort made to give a deep and detailed understanding of 3G services and implementation of Location Based Service. We think that 3G services on WCDMA network will have edge in future as that it gives the backward compatibility of GSM which deployed around 70% world wide.

Author: Aftab, Nauman; Iqbal, Ammar

Source: LuleƄ University of Technology

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