Mobile Computing

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GSM Security

The Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) is among the most widely used cellular technology throughout the world. GSM is utilized for a number of uses, but mainly for voice communication and SMS. Security is essential for Global System for Mobile Communications GSM. The security consists of elements utilized to shield the numerous stakeholders, for example service providers & subscribers. In this project, we will discuss: Security Attacks, Cryptographic Protection Methods, Mobile Station (MS), Cryptanalytical Attacks against GS, etc.

A policy based Mobile Base Unit (MBU) control system using OSGi

In this project we are going to talk about a policy based mobile base unit (MBU) control system that makes use of OSGi framework which is a type of service oriented architecture. We will also discuss about OSGi framework layer model and OSGi services. The Mobile Base Unit (MBU) performs as a gateway between a body area network and the network employed by health providers.

Multiuser detection and power control in CDMA systems

Currently, code-division multiple access (CDMA) technique continues to be a dominant air-interface technology for personal wireless communication systems. Mobile communication systems based on CDMA is always subject to multiple access interference (MAI) problem due to the difficulty in maintaining orthogonality of CDMA signals in a mobile environment.

Mobile Widget Architecture

Motivated by the vision that mobile computing devices will certainly comprise the vast majority of the long run computing devices, new technology and frameworks arrive to facilitate the creation of extremely interactive mobile internet applications. Those applications are known as rich web applications. This project is focused on a part of those. Particularly the net enabled widget. Widgets are little computer applications which carry out a single task and decreases the threshold of knowledge needed for developing them.

TCP friendly streaming protocols in mobile computing environment

Heavy growth in wireless communication technology has made it possible for mobile wireless devices to access multimedia resources over the Internet. However, there is a major problem in supporting multimedia streaming in the Internet, the streaming protocol used tends to take bandwidth