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Modularised Passenger Seats

In this project we will discuss about the Modularised Passenger Seats. The aim of this report is to develop 3 unique automobile seat concepts with concentration on modularisation, features and manufacturing. The unique elements are: a collapsible passenger seat, which is easy to foldup, a bench for 2 passengers, plus a relaxing seat for resting in the course of breaks in case the automobile is parked.

Marine Current Energy Conversion System

In this thesis our primary goal was to study the efficiency of extremely low speed direct drive permanent magnet generators for energy conversion from marine and tidal currents. Various factors concerned with the modelling of these generators along with their electro-magnetic modelling utilizing the finite element simulations are given. We will study about a Marine Current Energy Conversion System.

Flexible Wireless Receivers: On-Chip Testing Techniques and Design for Testability

This project is about flexible wireless receivers an its on-chip testing techniques. The increasing wireless applications motivate the invention of new wireless standards. The user wants to access voice, data, and streaming media by using a single wireless terminal. In RF perspective, the majority of standards differ in frequency band, sensitivity, data rate, bandwidth, and modulation type.

Modelling of failure models

This document is a report on various failure models today useful for identifying failure in thin sheets of high strength steels. Emphasis has been given on phenomenlogical models and only some easy simulations have been performed. The phenomenlogical models which are described listed here are of 4 diverse types, specifically stress based, strain based, combined stress and strain based and damaged models.

Redesign of Steam Strainer

This dissertation was carried out at Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery. Placed in the inlet of a steam turbine is a filter, a steam strainer that isolates particles and bigger objects from the steam. These particles and objects can cause solid particle erosion in