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Fresh Water and Bioenergy

Fresh water is a major natural resource but it is limited. The purpose of this research is to quantify the bond between fresh water and bioenergy. We will discuss about Energy system, Agriculture system, Water system, water footprint of energy from biomass and much more in this report.

Quick Time Dependent Quickest Flow Problem

This project is about quickest flow problem, Quick-TDQFP heuristic, Path-Finding Algorithms, Zero-Sum Cycles, etc. We are going to present a quick solution technique for the integral time-dependent quickest flow problem with no waiting. The presented approach is in accordance with the successive shortest path technique and changes a present algorithm to increase its average performance.

Estimation of the Time of Concentration with High-Resolution GIS Data: Limitations of Existing Methods and Analysis of New Methods

Differences in the calculation of the time of concentration using the velocity method result from different degrees of discretization along the longest flowpath in the watershed. We examined an idealized system for which an analytical solution could be derived. Next, we studied a dataset compiled from watersheds across the State of Maryland, for which the observed time of concentration was known.

Berlin – Amsterdam in less than five hours – Solutions for the acceleration of rail passenger traffic

Since the 1970s and 1980 important links in the European rail network have slowly been enhanced or made suitable for high speed trains. The main reasons why these links were enhanced are to increase the link capacity, to raise speed in slow areas and to improve long distance accessibility. Some 40 years later the European rail network provides fast medium distance passenger transport within distinct nations, but also on international links.