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Adolescent Secure-Base Use and Parental Secure-Base Support: Relations with Adolescent Attachment Security

The goal of this investigation was to examine whether adolescent (AAI) attachment security could be linked to adolescents’ secure-base use and parents’ secure-base support while discussing the adolescent’s developmentally salient task of leaving home after finishing high school. Results indicated that secure

Marital Relationship Status, Social Support, and Psychological Well-Being Among Rural, Low-Income Mothers

This study examined the relationship between marriage, social support, and psychological health among impoverished, rural mothers. While research suggests marital status and social support are negatively correlated with depression, research investigating such relationships and effects on poor, rural mothers over time is

Binding Three Kinds of Vision

Pictorial cues, together with motion and stereoscopic depth fields, can be used for perception and constitute ‘three kinds’ of vision. Edges in images are important features and can be created in either of these attributes. Are local edge and global shape detection