Internet protocol

Next Generation Networks services: IP Routing

In this project report we are going to discuss next generation networks services based on IP Routing. Next Generation Networks services form the beginning of a whole new age of innovative and cost-effective services where clients will experience significant new service offerings in addition to cost savings in their usage bills for these kinds of services. Some topics discussed in this report are: Next Generation Networks Architecture, Next Generation Network Switches, Multi-Protocol Label Switching, Virtual Private Networks, Wireless Application Protocol, etc.

Online Advertisement Management Program: OAMP

Online advertisement is an increasing business at the Internet and it continuously grows together with the expanding use of Internet services. There are often a gap between the economical understanding in a business and the technical implementation. The lack of understanding between

Evaluating Xilinx MicroBlaze for Network SoC applications

This thesis aims to create a System on Chip (SoC) solution for various network devices. A solution with network peripherals, processor core and network software in a single chip is designed and evaluated. Typical applications of a network System on Chip include

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