Wireless communication

Online Activity Matching using Wireless Sensor Network

In this project our main intent is to investigate the application of Wireless Sensor Networks to carry out online activity matching for sports coaching applications. We wish to discover at least one suitable algorithm to match the movement of a trainer and to find spatial and temporal differences. This type of system can undoubtedly assist the trainer in group lessons where it actually is tough for the trainer to keep a record of all the trainees.

Small Wideband Microstrip Patch Antennas

Our main objective in this project was to offer the design of 3 wideband microstrip patch antennas. In fact, Microstrip antennas have the exciting qualities of low profile, light in weight and simple structure. Having said that, its bandwidth is constrained to a few % which isn’t really enough for the majority of wireless communication systems at present. A couple of bandwidth enhancement methods are actually advised like making use of thick foam substrate, cutting 1 or 2 U-slots on the patch, stacking one more patch over the original one and making use of shorting pins.

Flexible Wireless Receivers: On-Chip Testing Techniques and Design for Testability

This project is about flexible wireless receivers an its on-chip testing techniques. The increasing wireless applications motivate the invention of new wireless standards. The user wants to access voice, data, and streaming media by using a single wireless terminal. In RF perspective, the majority of standards differ in frequency band, sensitivity, data rate, bandwidth, and modulation type.

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