Ballistic Missile Defense: Impact of technology on global politics

Scientific and technological advancement has marked the advancement of human kind. Some might even argue that technological innovation and improvement are the main driving forces behind the progress of man toward an ever more enlightened age. Technological progress seems to be unstoppable, with countless innovations and improvements spinning off of each technological novelty. Scientific and technological progress affects our everyday lives, both on an individual and a state level. From the point of view of a political science student technology is primarily divided into that used for peaceful purposes and that used in the military sphere. It is the latter that I am concerned with in this paper, because technology does indeed influence politics on a global level.

The focus of this paper is to discuss ballistic missile defense (BMD) systems and their impact on international relations. I have a profound interest in the correlation between technological innovation/improvement and changes in international politics. I have therefore chosen the impact of BMD on global politics as the subject of discussion in my paper….


Ballistic Missile Defense
US Ballistic Missile Defense: Organization and technology
Block 2004-2005
Block 2006-2007
US Ballistic Missile Defense System components
Chinese Ballistic Missile Defense: Organization and technology
Russian Ballistic Missile Defense: Organization and technology
Pre-2002 historical evolution of the Ballistic Missile Defense System in a political context
United States of America
The 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty
The Reagan era
The end of the Cold War and the “New World Order”
US collaboration with foreign countries on strategic defenses
The post-2002 BMD debate
An increased international interest in Ballistic Missile Defense
Russian and Chinese ambitions and concerns
US space policy as an offshoot of the missile defense Program
Russia and the post-ABM Treaty period
Prospects of a US-Russian cooperation in Missile Defense
Criteria for a successful joint US-Russian BMD-effort
China`s reaction to US withdrawal from the ABM Treaty
Discussion and Conclusions

Author: Musaefendic, Armin

Source: Jönköping University

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