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Communicant Activeness, Cognitive Entrepreneurship, and A Situational Theory of Problem Solving

This dissertation presents a situational theory of problem solving that highlights distinctive communicative and cognitive features in human problem solving. Its purpose is to provide a simple and useful, but not atheoretical, account of communication behavior and the cognitive approaches that we

Black women’s meaning-making of HIV/AIDS campaigns: A Black feminist approach to the impact of race on the reception of targeted health communication

The purpose of this exploratory study was to understand how Black women make meaning of HIV/AIDS communication. This study combines Black feminist epistemology with the situational theory of publics in an examination of Black females’ meaning making of HIV/AIDS communication. Twenty in-depth

An Apology of Painting

Recent works have presented personal observations of the world’s inner-functionality, as connections between my experiences which existentially have little relationship or concern for one another. By breaking down the world into smaller, manageable pieces, the world becomes empirical and credence is given