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Concept Study of Construction Ingress

The objective of this dissertation is to, on Volvo Truck’s account, consider a fresh idea for the construction ingress utilized on construction vehicles that have a higher ground clearance than ordinary trucks. The high ground clearance causes it to be challenging for

Experimental optimization of curvature sensors

A fiber-optic sensor of curvature is made with the sensitivity sufficient to make it ideal for measurement of deflection of structures under mechanical loading. Typically, deflection-curvatures are extremely small, with the curvature-radii in the kilometre range. Although this sensor is intensity modulated,

Evaluation of Weak Relations in TracFeed

This report is a master degree thesis in electronics that examines if weak relations can be used in TracFeed. TracFeed is a simulation tool designed to aid in the dimensioning of the power supply system for electrical railroads. The program was originally developed by Adtranz and is today