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Torelli Actions and Smooth Structures on 4-manifolds

In the theory of Artin presentations, a smooth four manifold is already determined by an Artin presentation of the fundamental group of its boundary. Thus, one of the central problems in four dimensional smooth topology, namely the study of smooth structures on these manifolds and their Donaldson and Seiberg-Witten invariants

Combining unobtainable shortest path graphs for OSPF

The well-known Dijkstra’s algorithm uses weights to determine the shortest path. The focus here is instead on the opposite problem, does there exist weights for a certain set of shortest paths? OSPF (Open Shortest Path First) is one of several possible protocols that determines how routers will send data in a network like the internet.

A time-based order fill rate model for spare parts

The service central warehouse at Vanderlande holds a number of spare parts on stock to fill customer orders for spare parts. In this research the supply chain of spare parts at Vanderlande is analyzed and subsequently an inventory model for the service central warehouse is developed that optimizes the percentage of customer orders that is completely filled within a given timeframe

Computation of Parameters in some Mathematical Models

In computational science it is common to describe dynamic systems by mathematical models in forms of differential or integral equations. These models may contain parameters that have to be computed for the model to be complete. For the special type of ordinary differential equations studied in this thesis, the resulting parameter estimation problem is a separable nonlinear least squares problem with equality constraints.