Creating a positive e-experience for customers

For most companies, developing a satisfying customer experience has a direct impact on their future revenue streams. With the advent of the Internet, they now have to consider creating such “experiences” online, as well as offline. The purpose of this thesis is to provide a better understanding on how to build a positive e-experience in cyberspace. In order to reach this purpose, research questions related to website design and customer service were focused on. Via a review of literature related to these research questions, a conceptual framework was developed and tested. Using a qualitative approach and case study strategy, websites within the fast food industry were used to collect data. The findings indicate that if companies try to concentrate on both website design and online customer service, they can successfully build a positive e-experience in cyberspace for their customers.

Author: Apte, Raghunath; Gangala, Shashidhar Reddy

Source: Luleå University of Technology

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