Statistical modeling and design in forestry: The case of single tree models

Forest quantification methods have evolved from a simple graphical approach to complex regression models with stochastic structural components. Currently, mixed effects models methodology is receiving attention in the forestry literature. However, the review work (Paper I) indicates a tendency to overlook appropriate covariance structures in the NLME modeling process


1 Background
1.1 Evolution and development of statistics
1.2 Forest Biometry
1.3 Forest models
2 Mixed effects models
2.1 Theory and estimation
2.2 Subject specific prediction
3 Optimum Experimental Design
4 Summary of Papers
4.1 Paper I: An overview of Mixed Effects Models in Forestry
4.2 Paper II: Mixed effects models in forestry: Modeling covari-ance structures
4.3 Paper III: Tree taper models for Cupressus lusitanica planta-tions in Ethiopia….


Author: Berhe, Leakemariam

Source: Umea University

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Keywords: Project Reports, Dissertation, Thesis

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