Hearing and cognition in speech comprehension. Methods and applications

Central auditory processing is complex and can not be evaluated by a single method. This thesis focuses on assessment of some aspects of central auditory functions by the use of dichotic speech tests and cognitive tests that tax functions important for speech processing. Paper A deals with the cognitive effects in dichotic speech testing in elderly hearing-impaired subjects. It was found that different listening tasks in the dichotic tests put different demands on cognitive ability, shown by a varying degree of correlation between cognitive functions and dichotic test parameters. Age-related cognitive decline was strongly connected with problems to perceive stimuli presented to the left ear…


Theoretical background
2.1 The hearing system
2.2 Cognitive functions in speech understanding
2.3 Hearing impairment
2.4 Outcome measures
2.4.1 Dichotic speech tests
2.4.2 Cognitive tests
2.4.3 Perceived effort
Contribution of the present work
3.1 Paper A – Cognitive effects in dichotic speech testing in elderly persons
3.1.1 Method
3.1.2 Results
3.1.3 Discussion
3.2 Paper B – Evaluation of a cognitive test battery in young and elderly normal-hearing and hearing-impaired persons
3.2.1 Method
3.2.2 Results
3.2.3 Discussion
3.3 Paper C – Cognitive performance and perceived effort in speech
processing tasks: effects of different noise backgrounds in normals and in
hearing-impaired subjects
3.3.1 Method
3.3.2 Results
3.3.3 Discussion
3.4 Paper D – Speech understanding in quiet and noise, with and without
hearing aids
3.4.1 Method
3.4.2 Results
3.4.3 Discussion
3.5 General discussion
3.5.1 Methods
3.5.2 Results
3.5.3 Clinical relevance and future research

Author: Hällgren, Mathias

Source: Linköping University

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