Responses to Incentives in Public Expenditure Programs

Workers’ Compensation (WC) is a large social insurance program that provides medical care and cash benefits to workers injured on the job. Each WC claim involves…


Chapter 1: Incentives in the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Program
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Background4
1.2.1 Workers’ Compensation Insurance
1.2.2 Claiming Trends in Workers’ Compensation
1.2.3 Workers’ Compensation Expenditures in the 1990s
1.2.4 Workers’ Compensation Policy Changes
1.3 Literature
1.3.1 Incidence of Workers’ Compensation Receipt
1.3.2 Duration of Workers’ Compensation Benefits
1.4 Conclusion
Tables for Chapter 1
Figures for Chapter 1
Chapter 2: The Effect of Workers’ Compensation Cash Benefit Levels on Claim Incidence in the 1990s
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Relationship Between Benefit Levels and WC Claiming
2.3 Workplace Injuries and WC in the 1990s
2.4 Literature
2.5 Data and Econometric Approach
2.5.1 Data
2.5.2 Descriptive Statistics
2.5.3 Methodology
2.6 Empirical Results
2.6.1 Policy Reforms
2.6.2 Self-Insurance
2.6.3 Accounting for Changes in Injury Rates
2.7 Conclusion
Tables for Chapter 2
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Chapter 3: The Impact of Incentives to Reduce Workers’ Compensation Claim Duration: Are Third-Party Case Managers Effective?
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Third-Party Case Managers and the Bonus Payment
3.2.1 Third-Party Case Managers and Ohio
3.2.2 The Return-to-Work Bonus Payment
3.3 Expected TCM Responses and the Expected Impact on Days Away from Work
3.3.1 Expected Impact of the Introduction of TCMS (no Bonus Payment)
3.3.2 Expected Impact of the Bonus Payment on Incentivized Injuries
3.3.3 Literature
3.4 Data and Econometric Approach
3.4.1 Data Description
3.4.2 Descriptive Statistics
3.5 Measuring the Impact of the Return-to-Work Bonus Payment
3.5.1 Heterogeneous Effects
3.5.2 Minor Claims
3.5.3 Severe Claims
3.5.4 Strategic Behavior to Increase Duration
3.6 Exploring How the TCMs Achieve Results
3.6.1 Receipt of Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits
3.6.2 Ignoring Claims
3.7 Discussion
3.7.1 Financial Impact of the Policy Changes
3.7.2 Conclusion
Tables for Chapter 3
Figures for Chapter 3

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