A study of marketing managers’ perceptions of the Internet’s impact on marketing in Iran

Supported by an ever-increasing body of literature, it is clear that the Internet has the potential to have a profound effect on marketing. While the opportunities afforded by this phenomenon seem readily apparent, there is still much debate and speculation on exactly what impact it will have on marketing.

As the majority of studies of the Internet’s impact on marketing are think- pieces rather than empirical and they deal more with the potential than the reality of the Internet’s impact, there is a lack of empirical evidence in terms of what managers are actually thinking, and more importantly, doing in response. While we may speculate on the numerous advantages that Internet technologies can have on marketing functions, we need to know if and how companies are utilizing the Internet to improve marketing practice and performance. Also, while the Internet is having a profound effect on commerce in the economies of the developed world, there is less evidence of their impact on developing economies.

To shed some light on this uncertainty, this study will examine managers’ perceptions of the impact of the Internet on key marketing activities in Iran. It employs a cross sectional research design involving self- administered, delivery and collection, surveys to Iranian marketing decision makers.

Findings suggest that this new media will cause firms to redefine markets, marketing activity and value creation, although these changes are not dramatic. The majority of firms still use the Internet for informational purposes but they are optimistic regarding the way in which products/services are marketed through the Internet in the future. A modified model for the World Wide Web Marketing that seems to be more realistic for developing countries is also presented.

Author: Ghazisaeedi, Mehdi

Source: Luleå University of Technology

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