Lightning in Schools: Are there cost and environmental savings to be made?

People and specialists acknowledge, the planet is facing tough challenges down the road. Climatic change is a truth, the population keeps growing, and so is the volume of energy used per capita (World Resources Institute, 26/04/2009). This is associated; the increase of energy use is one cause for the global warming (UNDP, 2007). There are clean energy sources, for example water, solar and wind, but so long as oil and coal are major ways to create energy, the use of energy is highly related to the quantity of carbon dioxide emission…


Research problem
Research objective and research questions
Lighting in Stockholm’s schools and gymnasiums
Analysis of results
Analysis of costs and benefits for installing LED-lamps in classrooms
Environmental aspects
The LED-light at the end of the tunnel (Final discussion)

Source: Sodertorn University

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