M-commerce breakthrough in developing countries: the role of m-commerce in wealth creation and economic growth in developing countries

M-commerce has attracted a growing amount of attention in the last few years in the advanced countries whiles the developing world attempt to ‘leapfrog’ by taking advantage of the explosive growth in mobile phone usage. Currently the growth in the number of mobile phones in most developing countries has exceeded the growth in the number of fixed lines. M-commerce continuous to change the face of business by introducing new business models as well as offering unique advantages such as immediacy, localization, personalization, data portability and connectivity. The capabilities and prospects of M-commerce vary across the developed and developing countries. . Research into the impact of M-commerce on socio economic activities has mostly been conducted in the developed nations. This master thesis looks at how M-commerce is influencing the economic or business activities and wealth creation in some farming and fishing communities in the rural areas of some developing countries

Author: Boadi, Raymond Adjei; Shaik, Avez Gouse

Source: Luleå University of Technology

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