Men’s Violence against Women – Antenatal Care

Men’s violence against women is a universal issue affecting health, human rights and gender-equality. In pregnancy, violence is a risk for both the mother and her unborn child.The overall aims were: to determine the prevalence of such violence in a Swedish pregnant population, to investigate pregnant women’s attitudes to questioning about exposure to violence, and to evaluate experience gained by antenatal care midwives having routinely questioned pregnant women regarding violence.All women registered for antenatal care in Uppsala, Sweden, during 6 months were assessed regarding acts of violence. The Abuse Assessment Screen (AAS) was used twice during pregnancy and again after delivery when the women were asked an open-ended written question regarding attitudes to questioning about violence. Midwives’ experiences regarding routine assessment were evaluated in focus group discussions.The AAS questions were answered by 93% (1,038) of those eligible. Physical abuse by a partner or relative during or shortly after pregnancy was reported by 1.3%, and by 2.8% when the year preceding pregnancy was included. Lifetime sexual abuse was reported by 8.1%. Repeated questioning increased the abuse detection rate. Abused women reported more previous ill-health, and women physically abused during pregnancy more pregnancy terminations than did non-abused women. Abuse assessment was found entirely acceptable by 80%, both acceptable and unacceptable/disagreeable by 5% and solely unacceptable/ disagreeable by 3%, while 12% were neural. Abused and non-abused women did not differ regarding disinclination…


General introduction
Physical violence and pregnancy
Sexual abuse
Violence and ill-health
A challenge in health care
Antenatal care in Sweden
Outline of the thesis
Aims of the thesis
Papers I III
Paper IV
Ethical aspects
Paper I
Paper II
Paper III
Paper IV
Methodological considerations, papers I III
Methodological considerations, paper IV
General considerations
The future
Summary and conclusions
Summary in Swedish

Author: Stenson, Kristina

Source: Uppsala University Library

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