On predicting fuel consumption and productivity of wheel loaders

Low fuel consumption is becoming more and more important as a selling argument as fuel prices keeps rising. To be able to better show their advantage in this area, Volvo Wheel Loader need to develop the selling tool SiteSim in terms of fuel consumption predictions. This means modelling the actual work done by the wheel loaders.

A good physical model would produce the results wanted. This modelling is however very difficult due to the interaction between the hydraulic system and the drive train. To overcome this problem, a method of splitting up the work cycles of a wheel loader into phases has been developed. The phases are defined by a specific type of work, for example filling bucket or reversing from bank. This reduces the effecting parameters and makes physical modelling possible in some phases. It also makes statistical modelling easier and more exact.

The statistical models yields good results if the user is experienced in the work the simulated wheel loader are to perform. The physical models produce results with 10-20% lower fuel consumption than tested value. Better models of energy losses in drive train would probably correct some of these errors.

Author: Bohman, Mats

Source: Lulea University of Technology

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