Boom of Telecom Sector in Pakistan and its Impacts on Pakistani Culture

The thesis has provided extensive information about how this boom occurred gradually in Pakistan, present circumstances and situations of the sector and future prospects of this segment in Pakistan. It has also provided information about how Government institutes and policies are playing their role for the growth of the telecom sector in Pakistan?

We have revealed the new businesses that are now running in Pakistan due to the rapid growth of Telecom sector. We have also presented the impacts of telecom boom on the existing businesses and how these businesses are being benefited due to easy access of telecom services to a common person. Then we presented the analysis of our questionnaire that how this boom of telecom sector has changed and affected the Pakistani culture. We have analysed that it is of worth importance to understand these cultural values and social set ups before entering to a new market.

Author: Muhammad Umar, Muhammad Tahir


1. Introduction
1.1. Background
1.2. Problem Identification
1.3. Purpose
1.4. Target Group
1.5. Previous studies
1.6. Structure
2. Methodology
2.1. Choosing the topic
2.2. Formulating the research question
2.3. Collecting data
2.3.1. Questionnaire design
2.3.2. Reason of choosing questionnaire
2.3.3. Getting Respondents
2.3.4. Validity and reliability
3. Theoretical Framework
3.1. Culture and Marketing
3.1.1. Culture Impacts Marketing
3.2. Cultural Dimensions Model
4. Boom of telecom sector in Pakistan
4.1. Background
4.1.1. PTCL creative destruction
4.1.2. Deregulation of telecom sector
4.1.3. Cell phone industry
4.1.4. Cellular growth
4.1.5. Current Statistics
4.2. Future Perspectives
4.2.1. Healthy competition
4.2.2. MNP
4.2.3. New technologies
4.3.Future Expectations
4.4.New businesses
4.4.1 Mobile hand sets
4.4.2 VOIP
4.4.3 Call centres
4.4.5 Others
4.5 Effects on existing businesses
4.5.1 Banking
4.5.2 Agriculture
4.5.3 Software and IT industry
4.5.4 Others
5. Hofstede Five dimensional Model and Pakistani Culture.
5.1. Culture and Society
5.1.1 Pakistani Culture
5.2. Hofstedeā€™s Cultural dimensions model
6. Analyses
6.1 Impacts on Pakistani culture
6.2 Mobile or fixed line or wireless
6.3 Traditional ways of communications
6.4 Mobile camera facility
6.5 Mobile as status symbol
6.6 Mobile snatching and theft
6.7 Telecom facilities
6.8 Fears about possession of a mobile phone
6.9 Interference with personal life
6.10 other social and cultural aspects
7. Conclusion and Recommendations
7.1. Conclusion
7.2. Recommendations
7.2.1 Advertising style
7.2.2 Repairing Centres
7.2.3 Others
7.3.3. Contribution
List of References
Appendix I
Appendix II

Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology

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