Changes in Asian banking industry

A change in banking sector could be noticed from various viewpoints, one of these is the trend of mergers and acquisitions (M&As). M&A is actually a extremely abstract and compact notion, especially in the case of banking sector. With regards to the Asian banking industry, currently influences of China’s WTO entry on its banking sector has turned into a heated subject. Within our research, we take a couple of acquisitions that came through in Hong Kong to start up the study. The research into 2 acquisitions involves exploring the 2 biggest commercial banks, from Singapore and China, functioning in Hong Kong, and leads to the comparative research on banking industry in the 2 freest economies and the major emerging economy on the planet, namely, Hong Kong, Singapore and China. We’re trying to find reasons and causes for the acquisitions, under the context of the present trend of the world banking industry, and given the sharp differences in size, the structure and regulations of our 3 target economies…

Contents: Changes in Asian banking industry

1. Introduction
1.1 Problem Analysis and the Research Question
1.2 Scope and Limitation
1.3 Purpose of the Thesis
2. Methodology
2.1 Research Strategy
2.2 Research Method
2.3 Data Collection-Reliance on Secondary Data
2.3.1 Advantages and Disadvantages of Secondary Data
2.3.2 Reliability and Validity of Research
3. Relevant Theories and Literature Review
3.1 Analyzing the Banking Industry
3.1.1 The Structure and Performance Relationship
3.1.2 Size and Concentration
3.1.3 Performance and Ownership Characteristics of the Largest Banks
3.1.4 Regulation and Governments in Banking Industry
3.2 Fundamental Causes of Consolidation on Financial Sector
3.2.1 Theory Framework
3.2.2 Empirical Evidence on the Motives for Consolidation
3.2.3 Forces Encouraging Consolidation
3.2.4 Forces Discouraging Consolidation
3.3 Consolidation and Efficiency
3.3.1 The Measurement of Efficiency
3.3.2 Empirical Evidence
3.4 Different Perspective
3.4.1 The Internationalization of Financial Services
3.4.2 Internationalization and Domestic Financial Deregulation
3.4.3 Internationalization and Capital Liberalization
3.4.4 Conceptual Framework
3.4.5 Benefits
3.4.6 Costs
3.5 Our Own Thoughts
4. Transformation of Economic Structure in Singapore and Hong Kong, and China’s Economic Development
4.1 The Economic Structure in Singapore and Hong Kong
4.1.1 Singapore and Hong Kong’s Economic Structure
4.1.2 The Role of Government in Hong Kong and Singapore
4.1.3 Hong Kong’s Integration with China
4.2 China’s Economic Development
4.2.1 Pressing Asia
4.2.2 Engine for Growth and Investment
5. Banking industry in Hong Kong and Singapore
5.1 Size, Structure and Profitability of the Banking Industry
5.2 Comparisons
5.3 Analyses
5.4 Regulatory Framework and Government Policy
5.4.1 Different Approaches
5.4.2 Responses to Global Trend and the Asian Financial Crisis
5.4.3 Attitudes towards M&A Actitivities
5.5 Summary
6. China’s Banking Industry
6.1 Transition from Policy-Driven to Profit-Oriented
6.1.1 Regulatory Framework
6.1.2 Ownership Diversification
6.1.3 Size and Market Share by Banking group and the Performance
6.1.4 Foreign Banks in China
6.2 The Weaknesses and Strengths of Chinese Banks
6.2.1 The Weakness of Chinese Bank
6.2.2 Strengths of Chinese Banks
6.3 The Impact of China’s Entry of WTO
6.3.1 The Content of the agreement of China’s Entry of WTO on Banking Sector
6.3.2 Different Perspective
6.3.3 Summary of China’s Banking Industry – Mission Impossible
or Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon?
7. Studies on DBS’s and ICBC’s Mergers
7.1 DBS’ Acquisition of Hong Kong’s Dao Heng Bank
7.1.1 Business Objective and Main Strategy
7.1.2 Analyzing the Impacts on P/L Account and B/L Sheet
7.2 ICBC’s Acquisition of Union Bank of Hong Kong
7.3 More Comparisons
8. Conclusions and Future Studies
8.1 Linking the Empirical Study to Theories
8.1.1 Motives for Acquisitions
8.1.2 Forces Encouraging Consolidation
8.1.3 Forces Discouraging Consolidation
8.1.4 Internationalization of Financial Services

Source: Goteborg University

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