Culture is communication

In this essay I want to investigate the internal communication of an transcultural company to see how different cultures are shown in different styles of negotiation. I have been looking at sixteen emails between a German businessman and a Swedish businessman, both working at the transcultural company Volkswagen.The essay’s research questions are: 1. Do the German and the Swede differ when it comes to manner of speaking, and if so, how does that effect the negotiation? 2. Which styles do they use in negotiation? What kind of consequences do the styles cause? 3. Would carefully prepared rhetorical strategies make the negotiation more effective, and in that case, which strategies would that be? To answer these questions I have made a stylistic and a structural analysis, followed by an analysis of the negotiation style and strategies. At last I studied the two cultures and made a comparison between them. I have built my essay on the theory of cultural dimensions by Hofstede and Ghauri’s idea about the phases of negotiation, to mention a few.Conclusions I’ve made are that there are bigger differences between Germans and Swedes then I expected. I’ve also seen that education in negotiation could be profitable for transcultural companies, which I with this essay would like to convey.

Author: Johansson, Malin

Source: Sodertorn University

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