Integrating actions of perception to the electric field approach

The Electric Field Approach, EFA, is a heuristic for behavior selection for autonomous robot control. This thesis deals with the problem of using the EFA as a heuristics for the perceptive behaviors. The integration is done by extending the EFA with having three electric fields and each having its own probes and charges. The extended EFA was tested in the RoboCup domain.


1 Background
2 EFA history
2.1 EFA structure
2.1.1 Electric Field
2.1.2 Probes
2.1.3 Charges
2.1.4 Heuristics
2.2 Perception
3 Electric field approach EFA and perception
3.1 EFA with perception
3.2 What it means for the EFA
3.3 Theses
3.4 Methodology
3.5 Solution
3.5.1 Theoretical changes
4 Experiments with perception
4.1 RoboCup
4.1.1 Perception in RoboCup
4.2 Team Sweden
4.2.1 Team Sweden architecture
4.3 Characteristics of experiments
4.4 Experiments
4.5 Data to collect
4.6 Results
5 Discussion
5.1 Summary of the experiments
5.2 Implementation
6 Conclusion………

Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology

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